Member RCP Status

* Subsidiary organization

Name Due Date RCP Status
AccuTrans, LLC 1/19/2025  Certified 
AEP River Transportation Division 9/25/2022  Certified 
Al Cenac Towing L.L.C. 7/30/2023  Certified 
Alaska Marine Lines, Inc. 11/13/2022  Certified 
Alexis Marine, LLC 6/3/2023  Certified 
American Commercial Barge Line LLC 5/17/2023  Certified 
American River Transportation Company 4/23/2023  Certified 
Amherst Madison, Inc. 4/6/2023  Certified 
AmNav Maritime Corporation* 8/1/2023  Certified 
Andrie Inc. 10/8/2023  Certified 
Atlas Marine Services LLC (LA) 6/12/2024  Certified 
Avalon Freight Services LLC 4/26/2022  Certified 
B & G Towing, LLC/Yawl Marine LLC 11/13/2022  Certified 
Balico Marine Services LLC 11/9/2020  Certified 
Basin Fleeting, Inc. 7/15/2021  1st Year Provisional 
Baton Rouge Harbor Service, Inc. 2/20/2023  Certified 
Bay-Houston Towing Company 6/20/2022  Certified 
Baydelta Maritime 3/6/2025  Certified 
Bellaire Harbor Service, LLC 9/30/2024  Certified 
Blaha Towing Company LLC 11/15/2023  Certified 
Blessey Marine Services, Inc. 5/1/2022  Certified 
Boone Towing, Inc. 1/1/2023  Certified 
Borghese Lane LLC 5/12/2024  Certified 
Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc.   1st Year Provisional 
Bowen, Miclette & Britt of Louisiana, LLC   1st Year Provisional 
Bren Transportation Corp. 7/5/2024  Certified 
Brennan Marine, Inc. 11/1/2022  Certified 
Brown Water Marine Service, Inc. 9/14/2023  Certified 
Buffalo Marine Service, Inc. 12/10/2022  Certified 
C & B Marine 11/19/2021  Certified 
C & J Marine Services, Inc. 7/6/2022  Certified 
Calco Barge Lines, LLC 7/31/2023  Certified 
Callais & Sons, LLC 1/28/2023  Certified 
Calumet River Fleeting, Inc. 3/18/2022  Certified 
Campbell Transportation Company, Inc. 9/26/2022  Certified 
Canal Barge Company, Inc. 2/20/2023  Certified 
Carline Management Company, Inc. 12/7/2022  Certified 
Cass Marine Group LLC 6/11/2024  Certified 
Cenac Marine Services, LLC 4/2/2025  Certified 
Centerline Logistics Corporation 6/30/2022  Certified 
Central Boat Rentals, Inc. 1/31/2023  Certified 
CGBM 100, LLC 1/30/2023  Certified 
Chem Carriers, LLC 12/5/2022  Certified 
Cheryl K Marine, LLC 4/9/2022  Certified 
Cook Inlet Tug & Barge, Inc.* 12/18/2022  Certified 
Cooper Marine & Timberlands Corp.* 10/25/2022  Certified 
Cooper/T. Smith Corporation   Certified 
Crescent Marine Towing Inc. 8/13/2023  Certified 
Crescent Towing Company, Inc.* 2/14/2023  Certified 
Crosby Tugs, LLC 12/16/2025  Certified 
Crounse Corporation 6/23/2022  Certified 
Crowley Fuels, LLC* 2/11/2023  Certified 
Crowley Maritime Corporation 8/20/2021  Certified 
Curtin Maritime Corporation 5/1/2022  Certified 
D & S Marine Service, L.L.C. 4/10/2023  Certified 
Dann Marine Towing, LC 2/20/2023  Certified 
Dann Ocean Towing, Inc. 7/28/2021  Certified 
Dawn Services, LLC 7/24/2023  Certified 
Deloach Marine Services 6/5/2023  Certified 
Devall Towing & Boat Service of Hackberry, L.L.C. 3/18/2023  Certified 
DMC Towing, L.L.C. 1/7/2024  Certified 
Donjon Marine Co., Inc. 6/27/2022  Certified 
Dunlap Towing 3/26/2023  Certified 
Dupre Marine Transportation 5/14/2023  Certified 
E Squared Marine Service, LLC 2/16/2023  Certified 
E.N. Bisso & Son, Inc. 5/17/2022  Certified 
Echo Marine, Ltd./Echo Towing Service Inc. 2/15/2023  Certified 
Economy Boat Store 9/4/2022  Certified 
Ellis Processing and Material Handling Marine, LLC 7/1/2020  1st Year Provisional 
EMR USA   Certified 
Enterprise Marine Services LLC 4/24/2022  Certified 
Evansville Marine Service, Inc. 12/27/2022  Certified 
Express Marine, Inc. 9/9/2022  Certified 
Falls City Marine Service, LLC 7/30/2022  Certified 
Faulkner Walsh Constructors 6/1/2021  1st Year Provisional 
Florida Marine Transporters, Inc. 3/20/2023  Certified 
Foertsch Marine Services, LLC 9/28/2022  Certified 
Foss Atlantic* 2/8/2024  Certified 
Foss Maritime Co - Hawaii Region/Young Brothers Ltd* 2/6/2022  Certified 
Foss Maritime Company, LLC 2/8/2024  Certified 
Gates Fuel Services, LLC 2/15/2023  Certified 
General Marine Services LLC 9/23/2023  Certified 
Genesis Marine, LLC 6/10/2024  Certified 
Golding Barge Line, Inc. 1/8/2023  Certified 
Gore Marine Corporation 6/5/2023  Certified 
Grand River Navigation Company 6/1/2022  Certified 
Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company 12/17/2021  Certified 
Gulf Oceanic Marine Contractors, Inc. 8/15/2023  Certified 
Gulf South Marine Transportation, Inc. 9/20/2023  Certified 
Gulfstar Industries, LLC 12/22/2022  Certified 
Harbor Towing & Fleeting, LLC 12/6/2022  Certified 
Hard's Marine Service Ltd. 1/23/2023  Certified 
Hays Tug & Launch Service Inc. 12/22/2023  Certified 
Helena Marine Service, Inc. 9/11/2024  Certified 
Highland Marine, LLC 4/4/2025  Certified 
Hines Furlong Line, Inc. 6/11/2023  Certified 
Host Terminals, Inc. 8/5/2023  Certified 
Hughes Bros., Inc. 2/27/2022  Certified 
Hyak Maritime, LLC 1/1/2021  1st Year Provisional 
Illinois & Michigan Oil, LLC 8/2/2021  Certified 
Illinois Marine Towing, Inc. 2/18/2023  Certified 
Imperial River Transport LLC 1/25/2023  Certified 
Ingram Barge Company 3/1/2023  Certified 
Inland Marine Service, Inc. 9/1/2022  Certified 
Intergulf Corporation 1/5/2022  Certified 
James Transportation LLC 12/12/2022  Certified 
JANTRAN, Inc. 4/4/2023  Certified 
JB Marine Service, Inc. 11/5/2022  Certified 
John's Towing Service, Inc. 5/7/2023  Certified 
Kindra Lake Towing, LP 5/24/2021  Certified 
Kirby Inland Marine, LP* 10/31/2022  Certified 
Kirby Ocean Transport Company 8/7/2022  Certified 
Kirby Offshore Marine, LLC 10/25/2022  Certified 
L & L Marine Transportation, Inc. 9/24/2022  Certified 
LA Carriers, LLC 12/4/2022  Certified 
LafargeHolcim 11/29/2018  Certified 
Lafayette Liquid Transfer LLC 8/11/2023  Certified 
LeBeouf Bros. Towing, LLC 12/5/2022  Certified 
Lorris G. Towing Corporation 4/17/2023  Certified 
Louisiana Marine Logistics, LLC 2/14/2024  Certified 
Luhr Bros., Inc. 11/20/2022  Certified 
Lydia Ann Channel Fleet 10/15/2022  Certified 
M&P Barge Company, Inc. 2/15/2024  Certified 
M/G Transport Services, LLC 8/15/2023  Certified 
Magnolia Fleet, LLC 10/3/2022  Certified 
Magnolia Marine Transport Company 8/10/2022  Certified 
Marine Express, Inc. 3/29/2025  Certified 
Marine Fueling Service Inc. 4/19/2023  Certified 
Maritime Partners, LLC   Certified 
Marquette Transportation Company, Inc. 4/15/2023  Certified 
Marquis Marine, Inc. 8/1/2023  Certified 
Martin Marine 3/28/2023  Certified 
Maxum Petroleum, Inc. 8/28/2022  Certified 
McAllister Towing 9/26/2022  Certified 
McDonough Marine Service 7/15/2022  Certified 
McKinney Towing, Inc. 8/16/2023  Certified 
McNational, Inc. 10/26/2022  Certified 
Merichem Company 4/15/2022  Certified 
Metropolitan Marine Transportation, Inc. 6/12/2025  Certified 
Middle River Marine, LLC 4/15/2022  Certified 
Midwest Tankermen, Inc. 8/14/2021  Certified 
Miller's Tug & Barge, Inc. 3/27/2024  Certified 
Moran Towing Corporation 6/13/2022  Certified 
Natchez Marine & Towing Inc. 6/10/2024  Certified 
NGL Marine, LLC 12/16/2025  Certified 
Norfolk Tug Company 6/1/2021  Certified 
Nutrien 11/10/2020  Certified 
O'Rourke Marine Services 3/5/2022  Certified 
Octopus Towing, LLC 6/13/2021  Certified 
Osage Marine Services Inc. 9/26/2022  Certified 
Parker Towing Company, Inc. 10/14/2024  Certified 
Patriot Construction and Industrial 7/14/2024  Certified 
Penobscot Bay Tractor Tug Co. 1/1/2025  Certified 
Petro-Chem Services, LLC 3/3/2023  Certified 
Petroleum Service Corporation 7/16/2022  Certified 
Platinum Marine, LLC 3/5/2024  Certified 
Plimsoll Marine* 3/27/2023  Certified 
Poling & Cutler Marine Transportation, LLC 2/6/2023  Certified 
Port City Marine Services, Inc. 4/30/2025  Certified 
River City Towing Services, Inc. 10/1/2022  Certified 
River Marine Enterprises, LLC 2/26/2021  Certified 
RMB Marine Services, LLC 9/1/2021  1st Year Provisional 
Rodgers Marine Towing Service, Ltd. 10/1/2023  Certified 
Sabine Ship Services, Inc. 5/15/2022  Certified 
Savage Inland Marine LLC 4/24/2023  Certified 
SCF Lewis & Clark Fleeting LLC* 4/19/2022  Certified 
SCF Marine Inc. 9/27/2022  Certified 
Seabulk Towing 8/9/2025  Certified 
Serodino, Inc. 8/10/2023  Certified 
Shaver Transportation Company 4/3/2022  Certified 
Smith Marine Towing Corp. 2/1/2025  Certified 
Southern Towing Company, LLC 6/17/2023  Certified 
Starlight Marine Services, LLC* 2/24/2022  1st Year Provisional 
Strategic Towing Services, LLC 3/30/2025  Certified 
Suderman & Young Towing Co. 12/6/2025  Certified 
Superior Marine Ways, Inc. 5/12/2021  Certified 
T & T Marine Salvage, Inc. 5/8/2023  Certified 
Tala Marine* 12/16/2025  Certified 
Targa Transport, LLC 12/19/2020  Certified 
Team Services, LLC 4/12/2022  Certified 
Terral RiverService, Inc. 5/23/2023  Certified 
The Vane Brothers Company 8/23/2022  Certified 
Tidewater Transportation and Terminals 8/21/2022  Certified 
Titan Marine Towing LLC* 10/15/2022  Certified 
Total Marine Logistics/B. N. Barrois & Sons LLC 8/3/2022  Certified 
TradeWinds Towing LLC 6/4/2024  Certified 
Trident Liquid Services LLC 7/5/2023  Certified 
Triple S Marine, LLC 2/25/2022  Certified 
Turn Services, LLC 1/22/2023  Certified 
Upper Mississippi Fleeting, LLC 2/28/2022  Certified 
Upper River Services 10/1/2022  Certified 
Vitus Energy LLC D/B/A Vitus Marine 6/30/2021  Certified 
Waterfront Services Co. 2/22/2023  Certified 
Weeks Marine, Inc. 9/24/2022  Certified 
Wepfer Marine, Inc. 12/7/2022  Certified 
Westar Marine Services 5/22/2023  Certified 
Western Rivers Boat Management Inc. 9/30/2023  Certified 
Western Towboat Company 1/29/2023  Certified 
Whitaker Marine Group LLC 3/1/2021  1st Year Provisional 
Wilmington Tug, Inc. 10/17/2022  Certified 
Wood Towing, LLC 6/18/2023  Certified 
Yazoo River Towing, Inc. 9/15/2023  Certified 

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